Why Live With Solar?

Lets face it – you’re not going to stop using electricity anytime soon. But you can choose how much you’re going to spend by making the smarter choice to go solar.

Electric rates keep going up. Instead of paying more every year, lock in your rate now and enjoy powering your home or business for a lot less than what you’re currently paying.

Save with solar for $0 down

Solar should be affordable for everyone, so we’re proud to offer a variety of payment options to fit your budget, including $0 down financing. Power your home with solar for little to no money up front, and start saving money every month on your electric bill.

Reducing carbon footprint

Installing a solar power system at home can reduce your carbon footprint. Unlike traditional sources of electricity from the grid, solar energy is green, clean and renewable. In use solar panels release no greenhouse gases and they don't pollute the airvii.

Financial Incentives

The Australian Government has implemented a range of incentives and benefits to make it solar system more affordable such as Feed in tariff, Solar credit scheme.

Feed in tariffs – secure a higher rate

Feed in tariffs are in place in most states and territories of Australia. Programs vary from state to state and most have changed; some on several occasions. Ongoing reviews may recommend a reduction; following the trend of the past.

Beat looming electricity price rises

While electricity price rises have eased off in recent times, it’s unlikely the situation will remain this way. We’ve noticed just prior to major electricity price hikes, there can be a lot of interest in home solar – beat the rush!