What is Grid Connected solar power system ?

Grid connected system is connected to the electricity grid and any excess electricity generated by your system is fed in to the grid. Homes with an on grid solar system are connected to both a solar power system as well from the electricity grid.

How does solar panel system work?

Sun light consist of particles called photons, As photons observed by the Solar PV Panels installed on your roof generate Direct current(DC). A grid connected inverter convert Direct Current(DC) in to 240V Alternate Current (AC) Suitable for your household appliances. AC Current gets distributed to your home or business through electrical panels. Any excess energy generated by your solar system will be exported in to electricity grid through the utility meter. The grid supplies electricity to the switchboard on a cloudy day or during the night time when solar panels are not generating electricity.

What government incentives are available for installing solar panels?

At present, government incentives are available in several forms (Federal and state-based) and differ according to your location.There are two types of rebate that you can take benefit of when purchasing a solar system.

  • Solar Credit Scheme : Solar credit scheme is like getting upfront discount when you buying a solar system. more
  • Feed-in-Tariff : premium rate is paid for selling excess energy generated by your solar panels.
  • We assist you with taking advantage of available rebate and solar credit schemes.

How do i choose the size of my system i need?

The size of system will depend on available roof area available for installation of solar panels. How much you prepared to invest on solar panels To work out whats size solar PV system you require , you need to analyze your household yearly electricity consumption, which can be determined with your electricity bill.One of our sales people will be able to give you advice.on that. This process will be completed by your accredited designer during the design and specification stage.

What is feed-in-tariff?

Under Feed-in-tariffs scheme, you will be paid for the energy sold or exported back in to the grid from your solar power system.

What is the Life expectancy of solar PV system?

Oz Home Needs solar system have a life expectancy of between 25-30 years.The warranty conditions for Solar PV Panels typically guarantee that panels will produce at least 80% of their rated output after 25 years. So manufacturers expects their panels to last for 25 years.

What angle should the solar panels be on ?

Angle and Direction can effect the performance of solar panels up to 50%. its best to have solar panels north facing on 30 degree angle.Solar Pv panels produce most power if they are directly pointed to the sun.. A minimum tilt 10 degree is recommended to ensure self cleaning by rainfall. If your roof is flat or less slope, our solar experts can show you the option of tilt kit to correct the orientation issue.

Does solar system require any Maintenance?

Normally , A solar system requires none or very little maintenance because there are no moving parts in the system. Solar panels should be kept in an area free from Dust, dirt and shade. Even a small amount of shade from a roof ventilator or antennas will have a huge impact on the total performance of the system.

What the best location to install the inverter?

Usually the inverter is placed along the fuse box.The inverter doesn't have any moving parts and it does not make any noise.

Will my grid connected system keep powering my house at night ?

No, Grid connected solar power system only supply power to you house when sun is shining. System doesn't have battery back up to supply you power at night. The grid supplies electricity to the switchboard on a cloudy day or during the night time when solar panels are not generating electricity.